Let's Connect Everything Together...
(Easy 20 minute set up)

STEP 1: Your Domain Name Registration (about 5 minutes)
STEP 2: Your Unique Pure Profit Pro Link (about 5 minutes)
STEP 3: Install PS Funnel Sharecode (about 5 minutes)
STEP 4: Connect Your Domain to PS Funnel (about 5 minutes)


STEP 1: Your Personal Domain Name...

Log in to PLS and let's get started (log in here).

The first thing we will do is register your own Domain Name.

The easiest way to set up a domain is to register for a domain in the back office.

When creating a domain name try to make one up that would be relevant.

Once you are logged in click the 'Add Your Domain' button as pictured below...

After clicking on the 'Add Your Domain' button, type your desired Domain Name in the box pictured below and click the Green button that says 'Is This Domain Available'.

Once you find a Domain Name you like that's available, Check ALL 5 Boxes as pictured below and click the Green button that says 'Charge My Credit Card Now!'.

Now, your Damain Name is ready to connect to your PS Funnel later in Step 3.

STEP 2: Add Your Unique Pure Profit Pro Link...

At the top of your Power Lead System dashboard click on 'Getting Started' pictured below...

Next: Click on the Link 'Companies You Promote'.

Next: Find 'Pure Profit Pro' on the list as pictured below, select it, then click on 'Click Here To Save'

Next: Log in to Pure Profit Pro here. From the top of your Dashboard copy your 'Website/Tour Link' pictured below... (Note: If you have not joined P3 yet go here to join)

Next: Paste the link into the box as seen below, and click on the 'Click Here to Save' button.



STEP 3: Install the Share Code for the Profit Simplicity Funnel.


Copy this share code 471851-profitsimplicity and paste it in the 'My Sharing Codes' section in your PLS back office.

To get there, hover over 'Websites', then click on 'My Sharing Codes'.


Paste in the share code 471851-profitsimplicity in the box pictured below then click 'Submit'.



STEP 4: Time to Connect Your Domain Name to Your PS Funnel.

Hover over 'Websites' located on the main header in your PLS Back office as pictured below...
(where the
top red arrow is pointing).

Select 'Websites' from the 'Drop Down Menu' that appears...
(where the bottom red arrow is pointing).



NEXT: Located at the top of the page (after clicking on 'Websites') look for drop down menus #1 & #2 pictured below:

(1) In dropdown menu #1 for: 'Choose Which Domain To Set Up':
Select the Domain Name you want to use for PS Funnel.

NOTE: If this is your first and only Domain Name, it will already be selected for you.

(2) In the dropdown menu for: 'I want to attract someone to...'
Select: 'become a Prospect  of whatever I want'

Now scroll down a little to the very first section titled 'Sales Funnels Created for You':

Locate the 'Profit Simplicity Funnel' Pictured Below...
Select:  'Use this one'

Scroll back up and click on: 'Save My Choice'

You Are Finished Setting Up Your Profit Simplicity Funnel.



BONUS STEP: Let's Get Traffic Going To Your Funnel...

Start earning as soon as today. Get quality traffic going to your business presentation and follow up consistently.


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